Thursday, April 29, 2010


This wiki was created using Wetpaint. I explored different tools and then engaged in a tool of my choice. I created a quiz using the Hot Potatoes application.

Spreadsheet (NETS I,II,III)

This crossword puzzle was created using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. This crossword puzzle was made to help kindergartners practice their shapes in a fun way. 


This movie was created using iMovie. It shows the importance of being tolerant of other races and ethnicities. We used editing skills for this movie.

JCCS Internet Safety (NETS IV)

This document was created using Google Docs. We participated in some lesson plans from a wiki page that dealt with internet safety.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal #10 - Let the Kids Do the Work (NETS II,V)

Lawlor, J. (2010). Let the kids do the work. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

In the article, “Let the Kids Do the Work”, Joseph Lawlor states how if teachers teach students using methods that the students can relate to then the students will do all the work. The author gives an example of how he used a wiki to get students to write a poem and analyze their writing process. The teacher was only expecting the minimum number of responses but was surprised by the amount of feedback he received. This teacher believes that if teachers use tools that are relevant to the students then their job as a teacher will become easier. The students will learn more and soon will be teaching and supporting each other. I will certainly give this idea a try.
How can I use wikis in my classroom?
I can use a wiki page when I want to review a concept with my students. For example, if I teach my students how to write a paragraph I would have them publish their paragraph on the wiki and have students grade each other on the wiki page. The class wiki will be where students show the skills that they learned in the classroom and the teacher can evaluate their understanding.
What subjects can wikis be used in?
I believe wikis can be helpful in all areas. It can be used for math such that students can work on homework problems. A way in which they can be used in English was described in the article. In science students can create their own wiki in which they add and describe different scientific formulas.

Journal #9 - Playing with Skype (NETS I,III,V)

Weller, T.J. (2010). Playing with skype. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), Retrieved from

The article, “Playing with Skype” by Travis J. Weller introduces Skype. Skype is an internet communication tool. The only equipment needed to use this tool is an internet connection and a webcam. In this article the author used Skype to bring his music students close to the composers whose music they perform. This engaged students more in their music and what it meant. I think it also informed the community because they were present at the time the Skype connection was made. This is a cool tool that teachers can use in their classroom. Teachers do not have to get famous composers to speak to their students; they can simply connect with other classroom across the world to learn about different cultures. There are several ways in which teachers can use Skype in their classroom.
How can I incorporate this into my classroom?
I can use Skype for Career Day. When it is Career Day students usually are limited to community members and parents but with Skype their options can expand. I could set up Skype to be able to have an astronaut or the captain of a boat speak to the students. Skype can expand the career options of students.
Will Skype me accessible to me?
Skype does not require a lot of technology therefore making it accessible to all teachers. Skype only needs an internet connection which mostly all schools have or can easily get access to. There is also a free trial that teachers can use.